Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam Questions 2021


Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam Questions 2021

1.How many questions in Google Professional Cloud Architect Guarantee Part include?
122 questions
2.Is this real questions?
Yes. It’s collected in our real exam.
3.How can I make payment?
You can use buy button on our website to make payment. We accept payment via Paypal or credit card. Then we will grant access to your gmail.

4. Refund policy? 
If questions in guarantee part not appear in your exam we will refund immediately.
5. Pricing?
Pricing and Plans

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Release Notes:

  1. 01 April 2020, We release guarantee part include 122 real questions are collected in our Google Professional Cloud Architect (PR000088) exam. 100% questions are the real and include highlighted answers.
  2. 01 April 2021, Update answers 78, 89 ,97 , 104, 106, 108, 113. Highly recommend everyone should exam soon.

Prepare for Your Exam:

  • Google Professional Cloud Architect Guarantee Part. Highly recommend because it’s include 100% real questions.
  • Spend your time for study and hands-on-labs, have knowledge about architecting with Google Cloud Compute Engine.
  • Familiar with Kubernetes on Google Cloud.
  • You should know about Design and plan a cloud solution architecture, Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure.
  • Ability to Design for security and compliance, Analyze and optimize technical and business processes, Manage implementations of cloud architecture, Ensure solution and operations reliability

Exam Guide:

1. Designing and planning a cloud solution architecture
– Designing a solution infrastructure that meets business requirements
– Designing a solution infrastructure that meets technical requirements
– Designing network, storage, and compute resources
– Creating a migration plan
– Envisioning future solution improvements
2. Managing and provisioning a solution Infrastructure
– Configuring network topologies.
– Configuring individual storage systems.
– Configuring compute systems.
3. Designing for security and compliance
– Designing for security.
– Designing for compliance.
4. Analyzing and optimizing technical and business processes
– Analyzing and defining technical processes.
– Analyzing and defining business processes.
– Developing procedures to ensure resilience of solution in production.
5. Managing implementation
– Advising development/operation team(s) to ensure successful deployment of the solution.
– Interacting with Google Cloud using GCP SDK (gcloud, gsutil, and bq).
6. Ensuring solution and operations reliability
– Monitoring/logging/profiling/alerting solution.
– Deployment and release management.
– Assisting with the support of solutions in operation.
– Evaluating quality control measures.

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